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secondary containment - seamless, flexible, durable liners

As with oil applications, polyurea also is ideal for any gasoline and diesel storage situation, be it a one-tank installation or an entire fuel depot in the USA. The crevice-filling properties of a polyurea coating can make up for the shortcomings of concrete containment areas, which tend to crack over time. With a polyurea application, a concrete containment area benefits a monolithic layer that is exceptional at containing spills.

Also, polyurea can be utilized to coat the interior, or even exterior, of gasoline and diesel containers, no matter the size. Such coatings are especially critical for metal tanks, which tend to rust over time. These coatings, used in conjunction with polyurea-coated containment areas, create a robust containment system.gasoline and diesel containment in maritime

The following industries can greatly benefit from fuel installation secondary containment provided by polyurea in USA:

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